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3.0 Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy:

Please note all RMAs through Infonec Computers are only for OEM products NO RETAIL ITEMS WILL BE PROCESSED FOR RMA. The RMA process will occur after the 7 days DOA replacement period. This means that you will NOT get a straight replacement of the item, but has to go through the RMA process. Infonec Computers will not accept any RMA if product(s) is/are PHYSICAL DAMAGED.  Infonec Computers will not be responsible for any damage caused during shipping and transportation.


- All RMA process start on the date the customer drops off the item to the store, not the date in which the customer requested.

- Infonec Computers has the right to deny RMA warranty service if the product does not fall under our requirements.

3.1 In-Store Procedure for RMA:

  1. Customer must bring in original receipt and hardware.
  2. Infonec Computers will issue a RMA form as a record for the RMA, acceptance of RMA still subjected to testing by Infonec Computers' technician and/or our suppliers.
  3. RMA will be sent to Infonec Computers' local distributors to handle the RMA.

3.2 Release of RMA to customers:

RMA’s will only be released if the following conditions are met:

  • Customer has the RMA form that was given to them on the day the RMA was assigned
  • If RMA form is lost, verification will be done by presenting a valid drivers license and original invoice.
  • 3.3 Online RMA Procedure (Only for those ordering ONLINE):

      - All customer needs to obtain an approved RMA# from our web prior sending or bringing in the defectivce products.

      - RMA# must be presented when brings in the product or clearly stated on the shipment box (the packing box must have 1" space between the item and box for cushion purpose, any physical damage on the returning box, Infonec has the right to refuse the shipment even though RMA# is stated).

      - If customer purchased the product in-store (any location), customer can either drop off defective item to any branches for starting RMA process or pay both way shipping for RMA returns, it will be estimated 4-6weeks for returns.

      - If customer would like to submit and RMA request online, please click on support/RMA and click on the RMA request form. Fill in the proper information and click on submit.

      - If customer purchased online (for shipout orders only), customer only pays one-way shipping to Infonec, and we will ship back the replacement product at our preferred shipping method at our cost. If customer prefers to escalate the returning shipment, $10 flat fee will apply for product less than 15lbs. and sizes are smaller than 14"x14"x14". Any item bigger than above mentioned sizes and weight, price will be decided as per courier company. However, this escalated service does not apply to manufacturer RMA returning time.

      Payment Information:

      To pay for any shipping or cost from RMA you can use the following methods:

      Royal Bank Acct.# 03172-003-1042688

      If you would like you can do a direct deposit at any Royal Bank Branch (require receipt copy to be faxed or emailed)

      Email Money Transfer through online Banking OR PayPal can be sent to

      Online and Shipping Process:

      • Customer must ship online RMA's to the Markham Head office
      • NO collect shipment will be accepted
      • Packaged hardware must be secured and any PHYSICAL DAMAGE during transport will void your RMA and warranty. Infonec Computers is not responsible for any damage during transportation.
      • The RMA# must clearly be written on the package, if not the shipment will be declined. You will be charged for the shipping which will have no insurance.
      • Testing and diagnostic from our RMA department needs at least 2-3 business days to verify the product is defective.
      • If the product is found to be defective and no signs of PHYSICAL DAMAGE is found, then an e-mail will be sent with regards to the acceptance of the RMA (This is the reason for the 48 hour period).
      • If the product after testing is not found to be defective, Infonec Computers will charge for the shipping back of the original item that was sent to RMA. The shipping will have no insurance unless customer requests it and pays in advance.

    3.4 Turn around time for RMA:

    All RMA turn around times are depending on the manufacturer's warranty policy, the product may be repaired or replaced. This may take 4~6 weeks depending on the supply of the product. This time frame is not guaranteed and so therefore can be a long waiting time. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEED SET TIME IN WHICH YOU THE CUSTOMER CAN CLAIM THE RMA PROCESS WILL BE DONE)


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